Thank you, Saskatoon!

Who would have guessed that we'd be still looking this fresh at 35!

Our city may look a little different, but one thing hasn't changed around here...


Point Optical's commitment to top quality style and service.

To show our appreciation for all the support you've given us over the years, we're offering 35% off our entire inventory of frames when you purchase any pair of lenses.


Call or visit one of our stores for details. This promotion ends on October 31, 2020.

Specialty Products

Baby & Toddler Glasses

Correcting your child’s vision early is one of the best ways to prevent future problems. Miraflex glasses from Point Optical are durable, bendable and adjustable, to stay on your infant’s face no matter what they get up to!

Plus, with the Essilor package – exclusive to Point Optical – you’ll enjoy a 15-month warranty on lenses and get a free set if they become damaged or the prescription changes.

Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes (and save your daily wear glasses) from anything work throws at them with high quality, impact-resistant, CSA approved safety glasses.

Available with or without a prescription, safety glasses can even be tinted for added outdoor comfort and protection. Plus, they’re covered by most benefit plans!

Swim Goggles

Don’t let a little water get in the way of perfect vision. Prescription swimming goggles from Point Optical are individually customized to your fit and vision to ensure crystal clear underwater views.

You can even claim swim goggles under most benefit plans that include vision.